Dog Day Care

We know how amazing it is to be greeted with tail wags of pure joy. We believe that dogs bring unconditional love into our lives, and if we’re lucky enough to spend time with your dogs, we’ll welcome them as a part of our family. Our dog daycare is modeled after a child’s daycare, and is focused on play time, teaching and nap time.

Pups come to Beach For Dogs to run and bark and play and get that all important pack time. If your pup is older or infirmed we can often make special arrangements. Even watching other dogs play can do a pup good.

In order to ensure every pet is happy and healthy, every dog must be up to date on vaccines and flea and tick prevention.


Day Care Times:

Monday – Friday 7:00am-5:30pm


Day Care Rates:

Single Day: Starting at $35/day (varies per location)

Hourly: $8

Playtime is important for social engagement; To keep your dogs physically fit and mentally alert. Teaching is essential; So all dogs know their boundaries when working and playing with others. Nap time is also necessary; All dogs need a relaxing down time need to recharge their passion for life.

Overnight Boarding $15 (in addition to day care)

We have comfy kennels, quiet rooms, futons and pillows. After a day of play and a good meal, it’s the perfect place for your pup to curl up.

We ask that pups staying for first time come for a day of daycare prior to boarding. By picking them up after a day of play, they’ll be less anxious when they come back. It will make your pet’s stay a lot more enjoyable. For both of you.


Our Food = $1 per meal – We serve Fromm food, and all-natural, grain-free food. All our pups, young and old, thrive on it.

Your Food – No charge – Changing your dog’s diet could lead to an upset tummy. Bring your regular food either individually bagged per meal, or in a resealable plastic container.


Need a Lift?

The Beach For Dogs Pup Taxi can come pick up your pup! Visit our Rates and Hours Page for Pup Taxi Details and Pricing!

Want to Get a Sure Spot for Your Canine?

Fill Out our Day Care Reservation Form by clicking the button below and we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your day care reservation. *Max Capacity is 30 Dogs so Please Reserve Your Spot to Ensure Placement!