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It’s estimated that there are over 60 million dog owners in the U.S. Most of them have come to realize that dogs don’t come already programmed, without the need for dog training. Just like children, dogs need to be taught right from wrong and learn how to behave in certain situations.

This can be especially challenging since animals don’t speak the same language as humans. With our proven dog training programs, we make it a priority in creating an effective way for you to communicate with your dog. Our proven training methodologies lead to results, no matter the age, temperament or habits of your dog.

Beach for Dogs provides professional dog training to the south and southwest suburbs of Chicago. We provide board and train camps, in-home training, behavior consulting, puppy development, obedience & manners training, positive reinforcement training and special behavior dog training. We can handle any age, any problem, any dog.

Our dog training sessions are built so that your dog can learn the necessary behaviors and become well-trained. We work to find your dog’s weaknesses and show you how to correct the problems.  Our class sessions take advantage of our facility and real-world experiences. Whether you’re working on basic manners, puppy socialization, or complex behavior issues, we’ll provide you with a kind, practical training plan and be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

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Your dog is one-of-a-kind;

their training program should be too!

Every dog training program we recommend includes a customized curriculum specially tailored to meet your training goals and your dog’s unique behavioral needs.

Beach For Dogs provides varied options for dog training services to help your pet become a well-behaved family member. Whether you have a puppy who needs to start obedience training or an adult dog with a behavioral issue, our team of skilled trainers will provide you with assistance.

Our dog training sessions are built so that your dog can learn the necessary behaviors and become well-trained. We work to find your dog’s weaknesses and show you how to correct the problems.  Our class sessions take advantage of our facility and real world experiences. Be prepared to take your dog out onto the streets to see how much he or she is picking up during the canine training class.

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You’ll be surprised and excited at all the changes your dog can make when enrolled in our classes. To make dog training an enjoyable and fulfilling activity, our approach is positive, reward-based, fun and effective. We believe in Cesar Milan and Dr. Brian Hare’s Philosophy.

Our Dog Training Philosophy 

Cesar Millan’s Philosophy

Our training philosophy and Cesar Millan’s are similar. We will not only train your dog, but we will also train you to become a dog whisperer.

Millan’s work focuses on handling a dog with what he calls “calm-assertive energy”. He approaches dog behavior by teaching dog owners to establish their role as calm-assertive pack leaders. According to Millan, dogs have three primary needs: exercise, discipline & affection — in that order. In other words, it is the owner’s responsibility to fulfill the dog’s energy level through challenging exercise; then to provide clearly communicated rules, boundaries & limitations; and finally, to provide affection.

Learn more about how our training services reflect Cesar Millan’s strategy by speaking with one of our certified dog trainers.

Dr. Brian Hare’s Philosophy

Dr. Brian Hare is an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University in North Carolina and a member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, which is a division of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, founded the Hominoid Psychology Research Group while at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and subsequently founded the Duke Canine Cognition Center when arriving at Duke University.

Dr. Hare has published dozens of empirical articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals including Proceedings of the Royal Society, Current Biology, Nature Neuroscience, Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, PLOS Biology, Animal Behaviour, Animal Cognition and the Journal of Comparative Psychology. His publications on dog cognition are among the most heavily cited papers on dog behavior and intelligence.

Dog Training Programs

All Dog Training Programs Are Backed By Our

Lifetime Guarantee

Basic Training Program

$1,250, 1 month

Basic Dog Training perfects the behaviors of sit, stay, place, heel, off, down. We stop the jumping and the pulling when you’re walking your dog.
We fix anything that stresses you or your family. At the end of our Basic Dog Training Program, your family should have one focused message to your dog and zero stress in your household.

Off-Leash Program

$1,250, 1 month

This is a second-level service after Basic Training, that does everything plus more than in Basic Training, but without a leash. Fully remote control and your dogs behaviors from up to 400 yards away. There is no need for an invisible fence. If you want to go the park, sporting events or even restaurants; your dog will be right by your side and behaving perfectly.

Top Dog Program

$1,250, 1 month

After completion of Top Dog, your dog qualifies as a full emotional support dog where you receive certification documentation signed off by certified trainers, as well as a doctor. You are legally allowed to keep your dog in any apartment, with no additional security fees or expenses.

Board and Train

$995, 1 week

The board and train program is one full week, five full days and nights where we focus intensely on all training. There are expert dogs around your dog. This training service contains all of Basic Training service and/or OffLeash Training services within one week. This can be completed in our private homes or at any one of the Beach For Dogs’ facilities. Borden Train is popular with people who do not want to make the daily commute back and forth dropping off in the morning and picking up at night.

In addition, shortly before your start date, you will have a phone consultation with one of our trainers to discuss your goals for the program. We are committed to your dog’s success, so it is important that we know your expectations.

Behavior Modification

$995 per week

Fix any problem/issue ASAP

Enroll In Multiple Levels And Save!

Daily Training Rates

  • $50 Per Day for Dog Training
  • $35 Per Day for Daycare
  • All Training Classes Take 4 weeks/5 days per week

Ask the Experts!

Need help right away but can’t make it to our facility? We can set-up a phone consultation for you with one of our professional trainers. Phone consultations are useful if you need help immediately but can’t make it in for a private lesson. Clients who move out of town find them particularly useful.

The following issues are some of the most common:

  • Puppy Selection – Advance planning is the key to a great relationship with your puppy. Discuss which breeds are best for you; learn what traits to look for in a puppy; find out what supplies to have on hand before bringing your puppy home.
  • Crate Training – If your puppy is keeping you up nights, let our experienced trainers help. They’ve personally trained hundreds of puppies and know what really works.
  • Housebreaking – This can be one of the most frustrating issues for new puppy owners but it doesn’t have to be. Tell us what’s happening and we can help you structure your puppy’s environment for success.
  • Introducing a second dog – Not sure how to introduce a new dog to your existing canine (or feline) household can design a plan that works for your family.


  • You are only charged for the time you use. Each phone consultation is figured in 15-minute increments.

    The price is $85 – $100 per hour.


From Our Visitors

Beach for Dogs is FANTASTIC!!!! I would highly recommend anyone looking for training to go to Beach for Dogs!! Lucy learned SO much in such a short time AND got to socialize, which she really needed as she wasn’t around a lot of people or dogs! She got to the point that when we were even in the vicinity that she knew where she was going and was so excited!! We have since gotten another Bull Terrier and will definitely be bringing him to Beach for Dogs!

Rhonda R.

Naperville, IL

My dog is my baby and I wanted the best for her. After seeing the beautiful, clean facility and meeting the friendly staff I knew I found her school/daycare. She did all 3 levels of training and is now a certified Emotional Support dog. She comes with me everywhere and I couldn’t be happier. The investment into dog training was so worth it, I have the best dog! I love supporting small businesses and the service you get is like no other. I get text updates and pictures and I know my baby is loved. Thank you, Beach For Dogs!

Lynn R.

Naperville, IL

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What Is Dog Training?

All dogs require training. Perhaps your dog pulls on the leash or is aggressive around other dogs. Dogs have lots of options when it comes to their education. Some will learn basic etiquette to spend time with a family while others may learn skills to perform more advanced tasks. There are many different types of training for dogs depending on what their needs are. The trainers will be able to help you determine which class best meets the needs of you and your dog.

Why Choose Beach for Dogs for Dog Training?

At Beach for Dogs, we listen to you and what you want to achieve with your training before prescribing you the best program for you and your dog. At Beach for Dog’s dog training, we’ve seen thousands of dogs through the years and know what factors are important when choosing the right program to enroll in. We provide a state-of-the-art dog training facility and guarantee socialization in a safe environment. All of our training is backed by our LIFETIME GUARANTEE

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