The Best Option for Dog Daycare, Training, and Boarding

WellChow Weight Management* Fresh Food

In Beach For Dog’s quest for optimal health for our dogs and puppies, we believe your pup’s nutrition is an integral part for Ultimate Wellness! That’s why, after considerable research, Beach For Dogs will now offer WellChow Weight Management* Fresh Food for Ultimate Wellness! WellChow Meal Plans start at only $2.50 per day!!



From our kitchen to your dog’s bowl in 24 hours
Cooked fresh weekly using human grade ingredients



Meat sourced from local poultry farms
USDA inspected meat and produce



Entrees can be tailored to your dog’s weight
Custom entrees cooked upon request

WellChow Fresh Food Promise!!

  • Cooked fresh weekly and delivered within 24 hours
  • Made with human grade ingredients
  • No additives, colors, and preservatives
  • Healthy, nutritious, and delicious
  • Ready to eat meals
  • All ingredients from USA

WellChow Entrees:

  • Chicken-licious Entree
  • Chicken-Turkey Combo Entree
  • Turkey-licious Entree

Turkey-licious, Chicken-licious, or 50/50 combo entrées made with either turkey, chicken, or a 50/50 combo sauteed in canola oil and fueled with sweet potatoes, carrots, and green peas*. Your dog will be woofing for more…..

*Nutritious WellChow Entrees are currently designed for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. When using these as daily meals, please make sure that you give your dog a daily vitamin and mineral supplement.

Choose Your Packaging Bulk packaged in standup pouches*

*Less plastic waste
Cost: FREE*

Pre-portioned daily meals packaged in individual containers*

*More plastic waste
Cost: $10/Delivery

Dog Daycare

We know how amazing it is to be greeted with tail wags of pure joy. We believe that dogs bring unconditional love into our lives, and if we’re lucky enough to spend time with your dogs, we’ll welcome them as a part of our family. Our dog daycare is modeled after a child’s daycare and is focused on playtime, teaching, and nap time.

Pups come to Beach For Dogs to run and bark and play and get that all important pack time. If your pup is older or infirmed we can often make special arrangements. Even watching other dogs play can do a pup good.

In order to ensure every pet is happy and healthy, every dog must be up to date on vaccines and flea and tick prevention.

Day Care Rates:

Single Day $30
Hourly $7

Day Care Times:

Monday – Friday

Playtime is important for social engagement; To keep your dogs physically fit and mentally alert. Teaching is essential; So all dogs know their boundaries when working and playing with others. Nap time is also necessary; all dogs need a relaxing down time needed to recharge their passion for life.

Overnight Boarding $15 (in addition to daycare)

We have comfy kennels, quiet rooms, futons, and pillows. After a day of play and a good meal, it’s the perfect place for your pup to curl up.

We ask that pups staying for first time come for a day of daycare prior to boarding. By picking them up after a day of play, they’ll be less anxious when they come back. It will make your pet’s stay a lot more enjoyable. For both of you.


Our Food = $1 per meal – We serve Fromm food, and all-natural, grain-free food. All our pups, young and old, thrive on it.

Your Food – No charge – Changing your dog’s diet could lead to an upset tummy. Bring your regular food either individually bagged per meal, or in a resealable plastic container.

Need a Lift?

The Beach For Dogs Pup Taxi can come pick up your pup! Visit our Rates and Hours Page for Pup Taxi Details and Pricing!

Dog Boarding

Treat your dog to a vacation that he/she will enjoy as much as you enjoy yours!

Experience the safest and most restful boarding in the industry. Delight your pet with clean all-private rooms and suites, 24/7 care, playtime, hypoallergenic beds, and much more.

Our overnight guests are allowed to socialize with other dogs and the staff all day! They play in the play area – they’re taken on walks – they nap on beds. Unlike a traditional boarding kennel, our focus is to monitor each guest closely, give them plenty of hugs and pats, and make sure they get lots of exercise and playtime each day.

Special Features:

  • Large, in-door climate controlled accommodations
  • 3-4 potty breaks daily in large out-door play areas
  • State-of-the-art air conditioning systems that generate 6 air exchanges per hour
  • Fun one-one playtime activities
  • Special Care and puppy packages
  • Group play in doggie daycare and spa services in the Grooming Salon
  • Gourmet treats and bed-time “tuck-in” service
  • Custom meals, cold water and all medications necessary
  • Dogs in the same family can stay together
  • Most professional caring staff in the Chicago suburbs
The Boarding Process
  1. First, come in for a meet and greet session. During the session, we answer questions you may have and meet your dog. If necessary, we conduct a temperament test. We also review your pet personality profile and confirm that your dog is current on his or her vaccinations.
  2. The next step is to bring your dog to daycare for a daycare visit before scheduling his or her first overnight. The daycare visit is an opportunity for your dog to become familiar with the facility and for us to become familiar with him or her. After completing this step, Beach For Dogs can be your dog’s home away from home.
What To Bring
  • Food is the only thing required. We can keep cold or frozen food cold till feeding time. We can also heat up meals. Can’t bring your own food? We will take care of it for $1 a meal.
  • Bedding is not necessary; however, if you want to bring a bed or blanket – you’re welcome to.
  • Toys are not necessary. Beach For Dogs has enough toys for all to share.
  • Please do not bring bones or your own bowls.
Boarding Rates
  • Boarding: Nightly Rate………$45 (includes full day of daycare of boarding- drop off between 6:30 am and 3 pm)
  • Medicine: Complimentary medication distribution
  • Feedings: Complimentary if you provide food
  • Walks: Complimentary
Weekday Drop Off

Drop-off between 6:30 am and 3 pm on weekdays and weekends unless there’s an approved special circumstance. NO DROP OFFS AFTER 7 PM FOR BOARDING. We need the dogs to be tired for bedtime at 8 pm! Please note that payment in full is due at drop off. If you pick up earlier than expected, your Beach For Dogs account will be credited the unused portion for use at a later date.

Pickup And Delivery
  • Our Pup Taxi starts at $18 each way.
Resort Tours

If you have not experienced Beach For Dogs before, please drop by anytime during business hours for a tour of our complete facility. Our staff will be happy to show you around, and you will quickly see why Beach For Dogs has gained such a stellar reputation among our peers and among pet owners in Lemont, Naperville and outlying areas.

Dog Training

Beach For Dogs provides varied options of dog training services to help your pet become a well-behaved family member. Whether you have a puppy who needs to start obedience training or an adult dog with a behavioral issue, our team of skilled trainers will provide you with assistance.

Our dog training sessions are built so that your dog can learn the necessary behaviors and become well-trained. We work to find your dog’s weaknesses and show you how to correct the problems. Our class sessions take advantage of our facility and real-world experiences. Be prepared to take your dog out onto the streets to see how much he or she is picking up during the canine training class.

Class Schedule

We believe that you’ll be surprised and excited at the changes your dog can make when enrolled in our classes. To make dog training an enjoyable and fulfilling activity, our approach is positive, rewards-based, fun, and effective. We believe in Cesar Milan and Dr. Brian Hare’s Philosophy.


Cesar Millan’s Philosophy

Our training philosophy and Cesar Millan’s are similar. We will not only train your dog, but we will also train you to become a dog whisperer.

Millan’s work focuses on handling a dog with what he calls “calm-assertive energy”. He approaches dog behavior by teaching dog owners to establish their role as calm-assertive pack leaders. According to Millan, dogs have three primary needs: exercise, discipline, and affection — in that order. In other words, it is the owner’s responsibility to fulfill the dog’s energy level through challenging exercise; then to provide clearly communicated rules, boundaries, and limitations; and finally, to provide affection.

Dr. Brian Hare’s Philosophy

Dr. Brian Hare is an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University in North Carolina and a member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, which is a division of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, founded the Hominoid Psychology Research Group while at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and subsequently founded the Duke Canine Cognition Center when arriving at Duke University.


His research consistently received national and international media coverage over the last decade and has been featured in the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Economist, The New York Times, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Time, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Nature, Wired, Science magazine, CNN, and ABC (Australia). He has been a frequent guest on radio programs including the BBC and American National Public Radio.

He has also been featured in multiple documentaries from production companies such as National Geographic (U.S.), BBC (U.K.), Nova (U.S.), RTL (Germany), SBS (Korea), and Globo (Brazil). Dr. Hare is frequently invited to give lectures on his research on dog intelligence. For example, in 2009 he gave the keynote addresses at the annual conferences for both Assistance Dog Training Society and Association of Pet Dog Trainers, which are both among the largest dog training societies in the U.S.

Ask the Experts!

Need help right away but can’t make it to our facility? We can set up a phone consultation for you with one of our professional trainers. Phone consultations are useful if you need help immediately but can’t make it in for a private lesson. Clients who move out of town find them particularly useful.


The following issues are some of the most common:

  • Puppy Selection – Advance planning is the key to a great relationship with your puppy. Discuss which breeds are best for you; learn what traits to look for in a puppy; find out what supplies to have on hand before bringing your puppy home.
  • Crate Training – If your puppy is keeping you up nights, let our experienced trainers help. They’ve personally trained hundreds of puppies and know what really works.
  • Housebreaking – This can be one of the most frustrating issues for new puppy owners but it doesn’t have to be. Tell us what’s happening and we can help you structure your puppy’s environment for success.
  • Introducing a second dog – Not sure how to introduce a new dog to your existing canine (or feline) household can design a plan that works for your family.


You are only charged for the time you use. Each phone consultation is figured in 15-minute increments.
Price is $85 – $100 per hour.

Emotional Support