Trainer Bios


Meet Our Stellar Training Team!

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Zach is an energetic young man, who joined the business to spread his love for dogs. His dad, Steve, and Zach built this company together and continue to grow it every day. Zach believes in the “affection correction” method, which combines praise with firm corrections to help the dog understand the difference between right and wrong. He is open to other methods of training dependent upon the needs of the individual dog. Zach has gained his training experience by shadowing different trainers, all of which support the “affection correction” method. Zach has modified some aspects of this training, by adding a personal touch which has created the training style he uses today. When looking for a friend to train, watch, or socialize your dog, look no further than to him.

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Steve is the founder to the Beach for Dogs family. He has grown up with dogs and wants to apply that love towards improving dogs’ lives. He is currently training our newer exceptional trainers, but has taken a liking to the positive reinforcement techniques. He believes in this method of training as it encourages dogs to love and respect their trainers and owners. Steve looks forwards to working with you and your dog, and together finding the best method for your pup.