WellChow Weight Management* Fresh Food

In Beach For Dog’s quest for optimal health for our dogs and puppies, we believe your pup’s nutrition is an integral part for Ultimate Wellness! That’s why, after considerable research, Beach For Dog’s will now offer WellChow Weight Management* Fresh Food for Ultimate Wellness! WellChow Meal Plans start at only $2.50 per day!!


  • From our kitchen to your dog’s bowl in 24 hours

  • Cooked fresh weekly using human grade ingredients


  • Meat sourced from local poultry farms

  • USDA inspected meat and produce


  • Entrees can be tailored to your dog’s weight

  • Custom entrees cooked upon request

WellChow Fresh Food Promise!!

  • Cooked fresh weekly and delivered within 24 hours
  • Made with human grade ingredients
  • No additives, colors and preservatives
  • Healthy, nutritious and delicious
  • Ready to eat meals
  • All ingredients from USA

WellChow Entrees:

Chicken-licious Entree

Chicken-Turkey Combo Entree

Turkey-licious Entree

Turkey-licious, Chicken-licious or 50/50 combo entrées made with either turkey, chicken or a 50/50 combo sauteed in canola oil and fueled with sweet potatoes, carrots, and green peas*.
Your dog will be woofing for more…..

*Nutritious WellChow Entrees are currently designed for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. When using these as daily meals, please make sure that you give your dog a daily vitamin and mineral supplement.

Choose Your Packaging

Bulk packaged in standup pouches*

*Less plastic waste

Cost: FREE*


Pre-portioned daily meals packaged in individual containers*

*More plastic waste

Cost: $10/Delivery

Created with Love!!

Inspired by Rally!!

  • PhD in Microbiology from Univ. of Illinois

  • 15+ years of Food Industry experience – worked at Kraft Foods & PepsiCo

  • My dog “Rally”, started having lots of issues with processed food

  • Research showed pet food ingredients falling in quality and lots of recalls

  • Aspired to create something great for human’s best friend

  • Beach For Dog’s WellChow is some of the FRESHEST and BEST QUALITY Dog Food available

*  “Although eating fresh food and engaging in regular exercise may lead to effective weight management in dogs, we have not performed any formal studies to prove or dis-prove that eating WellChow Entrees will help your dog lose weight. However for achieving weight management, American College of Veterinary Nutrition certified Veterinary Nutritionists recommend giving a diet where 30% of calories come from the protein source in the food. All WellChow entrees are designed to meet these guidelines. It is also essential to provide your canine a daily vitamin and mineral supplement. As always, it is important to work with your dog’s veterinarian to decide the optimal feeding amounts for your dogs.”